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23 June, 2024

ANRCETI representatives taking part in a regional ITU forum on issues related to shared use of telecommunications infrastructure

On May 20 to 23, a team of specialists from the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), headed by its Director, Grigore Varanita, took part in the Regional Forum for CIS and Europe on shared use of infrastructure as a tool to promote broadband network development, held in Chisinau. The forum was organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), jointly with the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MTIC) of Moldova.

In his opening remarks, the ITU Secretary General, Hamadoun Toure, emphasized the special importance of the development of electronic communication infrastructure in the region to guarantee broadband access to every citizen and ensure the right to information.

The main objective of the forum is to share experience and take over the best practices of shared use of the infrastructure for electronic communications networks and the infrastructure of networks in other areas for the development of broadband networks.

In his speech, ANRCETI Director, Grigore Varanita, expressed his belief that the ITU forum will provide participants the opportunity not only to exchange views on challenges in this field but also to make specific recommendations on streamlining the process of regulation of the shared use of telecommunications infrastructure.

During the first day the discussions focused on issues related to creating favorable legal framework for the sharing of infrastructure through the experience of the relevant authorities in Poland, Lithuania and Romania. The next two days of the Forum were devoted to a number of issues regarding the efficiency of spectrum use for the development of broadband networks, mobile networks perspective and shared use of spectrum.

At the sessions, ANRCETI specialists presented the experience of the regulatory authority of Moldova in the development of regulations on broadband development, the license issuing procedure for the use of scarce resources and the implementation of number portability.

The Forum ended with a roundtable discussion to summaries its three-day work, with conclusions and recommendations. The Forum was attended by representatives of ministries, regulators, industry and other stakeholders from ITU member states, associate members from EU and CIS.

The International Telecommunication Union is the specialized United Nations Agency promoting the policy of communications development and standardization, with a membership of 192 countries of the world, more than 700 communications companies, standards development organizations and financial institutions. Moldova became a full member of the ITU in October 1992.

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