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30 September, 2022

As of February 1, taxi services will be accessed by dialing 5 digits

Pursuant to a Decision of ANRCETI Administrative Board, as of February 1, 2012, the short local 4-digit telephone numbers of 14xx” format, (where x=0…9), used for the provision of information services about transportation, including taxi, medical services, etc, will be replaced by national short 5-digit numbers of „14xxx” format to be used for the same purpose.

The Agency took this decision in order to ensure the access of the subscribers from all geographic zones (municipalities, districts), via public fixed and mobile networks, to national short numbers, without dialing prefix „0”, a provision established by the National Numbering Plan (NNP). According to the Plan, the national short numbers of range „1” are intended for nationwide provision of services harmonized at European level and other services of general interest (auto transport, including taxi, air, railway transport, medical serviced, etc.).

Currently, local numbers of „14xx” form are used only within one geographic zone (district or municipality), which means that dialing this numbers from other geographic zones, via fixed networks and from mobile networks can be performed only by dialing prefix „0” and the corresponding code for the geographic zone. For example, in order to call from Chisinau a „14xx” number in Balti, we currently dial prefix „0” + code of Balti municipality + the 14xx number. Starting February 1, fixed and mobile subscribers, regardless of the geographic zone of their presence, will be able to dial national short numbers „14xxx” without dialing prefix „0” and the geographic code.

So far, the Agency assigned to fixed network/service providers 54 numbers of „14xxx” form, the biggest part of which have been re-assigned by the latter to companies authorized to provide taxi services. In most cases, in order to make it easier for subscribers to memorize the taxi companies chose numbers similar with the old ones, which will be in use through January 31, 2012. As a rule, the structure of the new number contains a „0” or a number similar to one from the previous „14xx” number block.

Those interested to find out the new telephone numbers of taxi companies are invited to access the agency Web page

The National Numbering Plan (NNP) is the document establishing the structure, format and destination of the numbering resources used in the Republic of Moldova for the provision of public electronic communications services. ANRCETI manages the NNP numbering resources and assigns, upon request and based on a license, to providers, the latter using those for their own needs or offering them to subscribers or other persons authorized to provide public services.

January 19, 2012

Changed: 20/01/2012