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16 April, 2024

Congratulatory message on World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

The Administrative Board of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (NRAECIT) wishes to extend congratulations and best wishes to all ICT workers, to the Agency employees, on World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, celebrated on May 17.


Dear colleagues!

This year the celebration of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day bears double importance because it marks the 145th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In 1865, even before the phone was invented, the cornerstone was laid for the creation of a world organization, aiming to support people in their communication without discrimination and obstacles.

The theme proposed by ITU this year „Better city, better life with ICT” is also the theme of the exhibition World Expo - Shanghai 2010, which is attended by the Republic of Moldova.

Our country, a full member of the ITU, has responsibly assumed the mission to use the ICT potential to improve life quality, to ensure equitable access to information and knowledge through ICT, which enables every citizen to realize aspirations. The R. of Moldova has the experience necessary for ensuring access to ICT services in major cities. Today we can say that residents of Chisinau and Balti, other cities have the possibility to choose from multiple offers the services they need and they accept in terms of price and quality. We are sure that in the coming years will have the same opportunities for people in other regions of the country.

At this point of time, 145 years after the ITU was established and 134 years since the phone was invented, the communications market in Moldova is expected to continue growing through investors’ initiatives, managerial skills, increased awareness of the citizens of Moldova of better life, easier work, richer moments of relaxation through ICTs. The Agency will do the utmost to support this growth by ensuring equal conditions for business development for all communications market participants and will protect the rights and interests of service users.

On this occasion, we would like to address good wishes of health and prosperity for all employees of the ICT sector. We wish you success, prosperity and great satisfaction from your work to the full benefit of our citizens.

ANRCETI Administrative Board

May 17, 2010

Changed: 18/05/2010