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25 February, 2024

ANRCETI presented report on electronic communications market evolution in 2012

In 2012, for the second time in a row, the market for internet access at fixed and mobile locations has been top second among the most dynamic electronic communications markets, currently being one of the main drivers of information society building in Moldova. This is a message conveyed by Sergiu Sitnic, ANRCETI Director, in a press conference Monday, April 15th, when ANRCETI Report (in translation process) on Electronic Communications Markets Evolution in 2012 was presented.

Sergiu Sitnic mentioned that the ascending trend of development of Internet access market was caused by the increasing influence of the global network on all the spheres of human activity, by the rapid growth of demand for new electronic services, as well as the intensifying competition between providers of such services. He specified that in 2012 mobile operators significantly increased 3G territory and population coverage, the speed of mobile Internet access, whereas fixed operators focused on the application of fiber Internet access technologies, which ensure high quality and speed of Internet access. Sitnic said that according to the site, the average Internet access in Moldova is about 22 Mbps, a result that ranks Moldova the 20th in the world, ahead of Ukraine (ranked 28th – 17,7 Mbps) and after Romania (ranked 12th – 28,2 Mbps).

As specified by the director, in 2012 the number of fixed Internet subscribers increased over 2011 by 17,5%, reaching 417,2 thousand, the number of dedicated mobile Internet access increased by 43% showing 178,5 thousand. From the point of view of Internet usage, we could double or triple the total number of 595,7 thousand fixed and mobile subscribers because the services included in a subscription are, as a rule, used by two or even three persons, S. Sitnic said.

ANRCETI estimations show that in 2013 the value of this market will continue to grow as rapidly as in 2012. Compared to 2012, when the total sales for fixed and mobile dedicated Internet access was 883,2 million lei, in 2013, this indicator will increase by 15% and exceed 1 billion lei. Also, the number of fixed Internet subscribers will increase by 17%, making over 480 thousand, whereas the number of dedicated mobile Internet access will increase by 20% and reach 214 thousand, the penetration rate reaching 13,5% and 6% respectively, per 100 population. 

According to the Report, in 2012, the total value of the four electronic communications markets, monitored by ANRCETI (mobile communication, fixed telephony, fixed Internet access and data transmission, broadcasting and re-transmission of audiovisual programs) increased over 2011 by 3,16% (in 2011 – by 1,3%) and totaled 6 billion 416,1 million lei. The most significant revenues were generated on the markets for mobile communications and fixed telephony – 3 billion 732,9 million lei (+3,39%), and, respectively, 1 billion 546,1 million lei (- 6,13%). The revenues from fixed Internet access and data transmission totaled 808,1 million lei (+19,16%), those from broadcasting and re-transmission of audio visual services – 329 million lei (+15,85%). However, the investments in this sector dropped by 3,75%, making 1 billion 743 million lei. The biggest providers (JSC „Moldtelecom”, JSC „Orange Moldova” and JSC „Moldcell”) jointly ensure the 95% of the total investment made in the sector.

ANRCETI experts consider that in 2013 the electronic communications sector will register a slight 2% increase and reach the value of 6,5 - 6,6 billion lei. This evolution will be driven by the increasing revenues on the mobile communications market (+3%), fixed Internet access and data transmission market (+15%), broadcasting and re-transmission of audiovisual programs (+12%) and by the decreasing revenues on the fixed telephony market (- 8%). In 2013 providers of electronic communications will be focusing on diversification of the range of services, improvement of quality, launch of more attractive offers, including 4G/LTE, as well as for all the types of services included in a single package or subscription, the so-called multi-play.

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April 15, 2013

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