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18 May, 2024

Number of visits to ANRCETI website exceeded 100 thousand in 2010

In 2010, the total of visits to the website of the National regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI - increased over 2009 by over 30% and reached 107,5 thousand, and the number of single visitors – by over 40%, exceeding 44,1 thousand.

The statistics of access to the Agency webpage show that out of the 107,5 thousand visits 64,6 thousand were visitors recurrently accessing the ANRCETI site and 42,9 thousand – refer to new visitors. The site had visitors from 136 countries of the world: from the R. Moldova – 84,6 thousand visits, Romania – 11,8 thousand, Russia – 2,1 thousand, USA – 1,1 thousand, Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine – over 800 visits each.

The statistical data also show that every month of last year the ANRCETI site was on average visited 9,3 thousand times, with an average of 25,6 thousand monthly visits to the website. Most visited compartments were: News - 82,4 thousand (26% of the total), Test internet Speed – 10,4 thousand (3%), Statistical Data – 7,8 thousand (2,5%), Numbering resources – 6,2 thousand (2%).

In 2010, the website was updated and completed with new sub-sections, becoming one of the main tools of keeping the public and mass-media informed about ANRCETI activities, the situation on the electronic communications market and the market players. During the year, only the news compartment was completed with 131 press releases.

Also, the compartments „On-line Consultations” and „User's Page” were subject to review and update. The first compartment offers the visitors the possibility to use an electronic form to send to and receive from the agency consultations and replies to various questions. The other compartment helps users find out more about the rights and obligations they have in their relations with service providers, advice on how to solve issues related to service provision, information for better understanding of services and offers on the market.

The new version of ANRCETI webpage was launched in December 2008. In April 2010 the site took part in the WebTop national contest of websites, VIII edition, winning a diploma of merit „For the Best Site of a Central Public Authority”.

The ANRCETI Webpage represents a complex information system ensuring the access to different useful information, based on data and other information sources. It is structured in 12 compartments, every one of which comprising several sub-sections reflecting all aspects of ANRCETI’s activity, regulations issued and evolution of the electronic communications market.

January 11, 2011

Changed: 11/01/2011