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18 May, 2024

Telephone number portability will be implemented in Moldova

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) intends to implement the number portability for mobile networks in 2012, in fixed networks – in 2013. These timeframes have been fixed in the Draft Program for Number Portability Implementation in the Republic of Moldova for 2011 – 2013, a document developed and presented by ANRCETI in a session of the Working Group for number portability implementation.

Number portability is the possibility of subscribers to keep their telephone numbers when they decide to switch telephone service providers. This service will ensure greater freedom of choice for users, will make it incumbent upon the providers to put forth additional efforts in order to keep and attract customers by more attractive services and offers at affordable prices. As a long-term asset of number portability will lead to the reduction of differences between the tariffs for in-network calls and those for out-network calls.

The document prescribes the objectives, actions to be taken, responsibilities, stages and terms of implementation, expected results, procedures of reporting and assessment of number portability implementation. The draft document provides for three stages of implementation.

During the first stage (2011), the Agency intends to develop the due regulatory framework to launch number portability and conduct a tender to select the entity entitled to create and administer the centralized data base. The data base will contain all the ported and routing numbers, other information necessary for number portability implementation.

The second stage (2012) provides for the following steps: creation of the centralized data base, modifications and testing in mobile networks, followed by the launching of portability in these networks.

For the third stage, (2013), similar works are planned for fixed networks. The porting of numbers will be carried out only inside the same type of networks: mobile – mobile, fixed – fixed.

The porting of the number will be made at subscriber’s request, when he decides to refuse service provision by a public telephone service provider (donor) in favor of another service provider (acceptor).The acceptor will be responsible for porting the number. He will make the porting for one working day from the moment a contract is concluded with the customer. The program, developed by ANRCETI also provides that the tariff fixed for number portability must be affordable for end users.

The Working Group responsible for number portability implementation consists of representatives from ANRCETI, Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, mobile and fixed telephony companies. During their working session, they proposed constructive steps on how to improve the draft Program. The document will be finalized by the Working Group and further sent for approval to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies.

December 7, 2010

Changed: 8/12/2010