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15 April, 2024

Revenues of electronic communications sector slightly increased in the first quarter

In the first three months of 2012, the revenues generated by the provision of electronic communications networks and services (mobile communications, fixed telephony, Internet access and data transmission, services of broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs) increased, over the corresponding timeframe of 2011, by approximately 1,7% and made up 1 billion 468,4 million lei, shows the Report (doc. in state language) of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) regarding the evolution of electronic communications markets in the first quarter of 2012.  

The document was developed, for the first time, by ANRCETI, on basis of the statistical data quarterly reported by active operators on the 4 electronic communications markets and published today on the ANRCETI Web page: Before 2012, ANRCETI only presented on its web page the situations on three markets (mobile communications, fixed telephony, Internet access and data transmission,) by means of diagrams. However, it was decided to supplement the diagrams with the presentation of the situation on the market for broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs and succinct analyses of the quarterly evolution of the four markets.   

According to ANRCETI report, the slight increase of the revenues registered on the electronic communications markets was caused, mainly, by higher volumes of sales of Internet access/data transmission services and mobile communications services. The revenues obtained on these two markets raised to 186,85 million lei (by 15,6%) and, accordingly, to 820,45 million lei (by 1,7%). The sales of fixed telephony services made 384,7 million lei, audiovisual programs retransmission – 76,4 million lei.

The most significant shares in the structure of total revenues on the electronic communications markets belong to mobile communications (55,9%), fixed telephony (26,2%) and Internet access and data transmission (12,7%). The share of revenues from audiovisual programs broadcasting and retransmission was 5,2%.

ANRCETI Report shows that, in the I quarter of 2012, the most significant ARPU (monthly average revenue per user) – 140,43 lei – was accomplished on the Internet access market. The value of this indicator on the fixed telephone market was 108,48 lei, on mobile market – 73,06 lei, on multichannel TV market (services provided via cable networks, IPTV, satellite and MMDS networks) – 51,12 lei.

In 2011, the revenues obtained on the electronic communications market totaled 6 billion 220 million lei. According to the prognosis made by ANRCETI in 2012, these revenues will exceed over the ones of 2011 by 2% and reach 6,3 - 6,4 billion lei.

July 5, 2012

Changed: 5/07/2012