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21 March, 2023

ANRCETI published, for the first time, schedule of planned control actions for current quarter

ANRCETI published on its Website the Schedule (doc. in state language) of Planned Control actions for qtr II of 2013, regarding the persons entitled with the right to perform in electronic communications and information technology. The document was approved today, by a decision of ANRCETI director pursuant to Law on State Control on Entrepreneurial Activity no.131 of 08.06.2012, in force since March 1, 2013.

According to this Law, ANRCETI will continue to make quarterly schedules of control publicly available, in order to ensure transparency and predictability of its activity regarding the supervision of compliance with the legislation governing the sector.     

According to the schedule released today, in the timeframe April - June of the current year, ANRCETI experts are planning to inspect 30 operators authorized by law to provide publicly available electronic communications networks and/or services. The planned control represents all the actions performed by ANRCETI intended to check the degree of providers’ compliance with the legislation in force and aim to prevent any deviations from the law.

ANRCETI exercises its control function only within the jurisdiction conferred by law, focusing on preventing violations of legislation through the consultative aspect of the control actions, objectivity, impartiality and the presumption of providers’ compliance with the legislation.

The duration of planned control may not exceed 10 calendar days. The control procedure is completed by drawing up control reports, no later than 10 working days from the date the inspection ended. Where ANRCETI experts find violations of legislation, a prescription is issued to the entity/person requiring to remove the violations. The entity/person is liable to do so, within one month from the date of prescription delivery. If the person fails to remove the violations by the deadline prescribed, ANRCETI issues a repeated prescription. If the entity/person fails to comply repeatedly, ANRCETI starts the sanctioning procedure, as provided by law.

In the qtr I 2013 ANRCETI performed 31 inspections of electronic communications networks/service providers, including 20 – planned and 11 unplanned. During the year, ANRCETI will also publish on its Web page the schedules of planed control actions for qrts III and IV, as well as their results.  

Under the legislation in force, ANRCETI supervises observance and enforcement of laws and normative acts in electronic communications, ascertains the violations found in this sector, as well as in postal communications and information technology by drawing up the corresponding minutes and then submitting them for review to the competent court.

April 4, 2013

Changed: 5/04/2013