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21 July, 2019


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Since July 2013, when the telephone number portability was launched in Moldova, to this day the interest of telephone users for this service has constantly increased and their number in 2019 was estimated at more than 241,9 thousand. According to the data of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), mobile users are the most interested in switching the provider while keeping their phone number. Their number reached 223.8 thousand, which represents about 92,5% of the total number of ported numbers, whereas the number of fixed telephony users who benefitted from this service was equal to 18,9 thousand, representing 7,5% of the total.

In the six months of 2019, more than 24,7 thousand mobile numbers and 687 fixed numbers were ported. ANRCETI data show that the monthly average of ported mobile numbers in the first half of this year was 4,1 thousand and the monthly average of ported fixed numbers during this period was 113 numbers.

The bulk of mobile numbers ported in the timeframe July 2013 and July 2019 - over 98,6 thousand - were ported to Moldcell network. More than 46,8 thousand numbers were ported to the Orange Moldova network, and over 35,5 thousand to Moldtelecom (Unite) network. During the same period, the total number of fixed telephony numbers was ported to the networks of 4 providers. Most of the numbers were ported to the fixed networks of StarNet Solutions (7198 numbers) and Orange Moldova (3687 numbers).

According to the regulations issued by ANRCETI, any telephone user can have his number ported within 5 working days after submitting a request to the provider he has chosen. The Number is ported and subsequently activated as soon as possible. The Law on Electronic Communications no. 241/2007 establishes that the interruption of service during the porting procedure may not exceed one working day.

More details on the use of this service are available on ANRCETI official web site, Number Portability section or

July 2, 2019

Information was given by: Public Relations and Protocol Service
Changed: 4/07/2019