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21 July, 2019

"ORANGE MOLDOVA" reported removing network derangements

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(Press Release)

Today, Company Orange Moldova reported to the National regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (NRAECIT) about removing networks derangements in Chisinau area, caused on July 31, from 13.30 to 22.50. It is the mobile operator’s response to the Agency’s inquiry, requiring immediate actions to restore the normal functioning of the networks.

According to the report signed by Bruno Duthoit, General Director of JSC Orange Moldova, on July 31, starting with 13.30, the network was affected by a heavy thunderstorm, causing the failure of a big part of the network transmission in Chisinau area, especially mobile-mobile and fixed-mobile traffic. The company took immediate actions to restore the functioning of the network, which lasted from July 31, at 20.30 to August 1 00.35.

The report says Orange Moldova”, with the view of re-calculation of unused services during the failure, is going to offer for free its “Orange subscriptions” clients 30 minutes calls to any destination. They will also benefit from a 5% discount to monthly subscription fee, offered on the billing day of every subscriber. Orange Pre-Pay users will benefit from a 10-lei compensation, added to the existing credit.

Pursuant to the legislation in force, NRAECIT monitors and keeps control over the activity of electronic communications market players, the manner in which they meet the users’ needs and compliance with license conditions, legal and normative acts and regulations governing the sector.

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August 1, 2008
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