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15 April, 2024

Public Consultations for Draft Decisions on Access and Use of National Short Numbers for Services of Social Character

The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI – has placed on its Web site, for public consultations, three draft Administrative Board Decisions pertaining to access and use of 116(xxx) national short numbers of social character for the provision of services harmonized at European level: (1) on regulating the access to these numbers, (2) approval of the Procedure on assignment of these numbers and (3) approval of special license conditions (docs in state language) regarding the use of these numbers. The consultations will last through July1, this being the deadline for recommendations on the given draft documents.

The first draft decision establishes the obligations of public electronic communications network providers to ensure free access of callers, including from public payphones, to numbers of 116(xxx) format, for the purpose of providing harmonized services of social character, as well as the conditions for this type of access.

The second draft document includes the rules for managing the national short numbers of 116 (xxx) format for social services, as defined in the National Numbering Plan and the specific conditions under which a provider of public electronic communications networks and service obtains such numbers and may exercise the right to use these numbers for a limited timeframe.

The third project establishes the rights and obligations of the license holder entitled to use the numbers of 116 (xxx) format in terms of providing the access to these numbers for all providers of public electronic communications networks, in order to further ensure the free access of end-users to the given numbers from all public electronic communications network for the following services: emergency hotline for missing children - 116000, helpline for children and - 116111, emotional support helpline - 116123.

According to the Explanatory Note (doc. in state language) accompanying the three draft documents, the national short numbers for services of social character are of 116 (xxx) format and 6-digit numbers where xxx identifies a specific service. These numbers are used for the same services in all EU Member States. Services provided through these numbers meet specific social needs, contributing to the welfare and safety of people or helping people in need. These numbers are intended to ensure the access to information or assistance, the communication between citizens or a combination of these elements. Calls to 116 (xxx) will be free. The service will be accessible to all users, and its duration will be unlimited.

After the draft decisions are approved, the Agency will display on its Web site the 116(xxx) numbers available for allocation and the conditions to be fulfilled by the service, provided via these numbers. The given conditions will be developed by ANRCETI jointly with the specialized entities.

Interested persons are invited to provide commentaries and recommendations on the consulted draft decisions, in written form, by mail, to ANRCETI address: 134 Stefan cel Mare, bd., MD-2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, by fax: (0 22) 222-885 and/or e-mail: Telephone number: 251-312.

June 1, 2011

Changed: 2/06/2011