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10 August, 2022

Starting february 1, short national numbers and codes can be dialed without prefix „0”

Starting of today, February 1, 2012, short national numbers and codes from range „1”, except „1600 - 1639” codes, can be dialed from any geographic zone of the Republic of Moldova (municipalities, districts, including all rural and urban settlements) via public fixed and mobile networks without prefix „0”. According to a Decision of the National regulatory agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), the access to „1600 - 1639” codes (IP-telephony services) without prefix „0” will be implemented before the end of this year.

By this Decision, the Agency intends to enforce the provisions of the National Numbering Plan on implementing the access to short telephone numbers and codes of range „1” without prefix „0”.

Also as of today, the short local numbers of „14xx” format (information regarding auto-transportation services including taxi, railway and air services, medical services, etc.) are replaced with 5-digit national short numbers of „14xxx” form (where x=0...9). This format will ensure the access of callers from all the geographic zones, via public fixed and mobile networks, to the new national short numbers without dialing the prefix „0” and the prefix of the given geographical zone.

According to ANRCETI Decision, the national short numbers „117” (customer service), „119” (network repair) and 18xx” (technological numbers for networks) were withdrawn from current use and reserved for subsequent needs.

Instead of the previously used numbers „117” and „119”, providers may use new numbers from the „118x(x) block (Directory services) for the corresponding services, whereas „18xx” numbers can be replaced with local numbers from number blocks intended for fixed telephony. According to the information provided to the Agency by JSC „Moldtelecom”, this provider has already replaced the „117” and „119” with the national short number „1181”.

According to the National Numbering Plan, in the Republic of Moldova, the codes from range “1” are used for nationwide access to public electronic communications networks and services, whereas short national numbers – for nationwide provision of services harmonized at European level, non-communications services etc. Before February 1, 2012 the short national numbers and codes were nationwide dialed by using prefix „0”.

February 1, 2012

Changed: 2/02/2012