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21 March, 2023


The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) launched public consultations of two draft decisions, which were placed on its official website
1) draft decision to amend the Regulation on Management of top-level domain .md, approved by the Administrative Board Decision no. 42/2020;
2) draft decision for approval of Regulation on organization and provision of public services by ANRCETI in the areas of its competence.

The public consultation will last through February 24, 2023, this being the deadline for presenting objections and proposals on the respective documents.

According to the Information Note to the first draft document, the amendment was conditioned by the request from Information Technology and Cyber Security Service (IP "STISC"), which performs the function of National Registrar of the top-level domain .md. By this draft decision, it is proposed to change the name of the Contract with Dealers, for the purpose of clarifying certain provisions of the regulation for the development of the standard Contract with Dealers.

According to the Information Note to the second draft document, it was developed in order to create a normative framework for the provision of public services by ANRCETI in the fields of competence, in order to ensure accessibility, quality of services and efficiency of their provision.

The Regulation on organization and provision of public services by ANRCETI in the areas of its competence is structured in seven chapters and establishes, mainly, the fields of application, the principles of the provision of public services, the management of public services and the reporting procedure, legal relations, etc.

The detailed description and stages of public service provision by ANRCETI is included in the Public Services Sheets attached to the respective regulation, and can be accessed through the public services portal at the following addresses:;;;;;

Interested stakeholders are invited to provide comments and recommendations on the draft decisions subject to public consultation, in writing, by mail to the ANRCETI address: 134 Ştefan cel Mare bld., MD-2012, Chisinau municipality, by fax: 022222885 or by e-mail to the address:

Additional information about these projects can be obtained by phone: 02251 303 - Dumitru Griciuc, Head of Regulation and Strategic Analysis Department and 022251312 - Ala Baidauz, Specialist of Regulation and Strategic Analysis Department.

February 3, 2023

Changed: 17/02/2023