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29 February, 2024

Awareness-Raising Campaign „Know your rights as a consumer of electronic communications services”

Why ANRCETI launched this campaign

ANRCETI launched this campaign in the press conference on February 14, 2014, dedicated to the new Regulations (doc. in state language) on Electronic Communications Service Provision, approved by ANRCETI Administrative board Decision no. 48 of 10.09.2013. This normative act, in force since February 15, 2014, provides for a number of new requirements in terms of protection of users/consumers rights.

ANRCETI invoked the insufficient degree of consumers’ awareness of their rights as the reason for launching this campaign. The results of the verifications, carried out by ANRCETI in 2013 highlighted the fact that most of the offenses committed by providers of electronic communications services concern consumers' legitimate interests, whereas the analysis of petitions, phone calls to ANRCETI from consumers, meetings with them showed unsatisfactory awareness of their rights.

Through this awareness-raising campaign, ANRCETI wants consumers to come to know more about their and what to do when facing issues related to the provision and use of electronic communications services.

Campaign Aim and Objectives

The campaign aims to improve the awareness of consumers’ rights and ways to defend them.

Among the main objectives of this campaign is to have an informed, pro-active consumer, capable of defending his rights and interests, know the accurate and efficient tools for the protection of his rights in the electronic communications sector, encourage disputes to be solved amicably between consumers and suppliers.

Campaign Activities

To specify the activities of ANRCETI departments during the campaign, ANRCETI Director approved the Action Plan (doc. in state language) for the awareness-raising campaign "Know your rights as a consumer of electronic communications services."

The document provides for a number of informative activities, including press conferences, development and publication of a User Guide on ANRCETI website, a survey, two regional seminars to inform providers about their obligations in relation to end users, coverage of these activities on ANRCETI website and media.

The results of the awareness-raising campaign will be made public in a press conference in early 2015.

Campaign Benefits

We are convinced that all consumers/end users of electronic communications services will benefit from this campaign.

Targeting mainly at the improvement of consumers’ awareness of their rights, the campaign will contribute to the formation of a pro-active position of consumers, which will help them to defend their legitimate rights and interests.

Changed: 2/06/2014