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13 April, 2024

General license conditions

Approved by ANRCETI
Administrative Board Decisions
no. 38 of 08.12. 2008


For the Use of Numbering Resources in Public Electronic Communications Networks and Service Provision


1. The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (hereinafter the Agency), pursuant to legislative, normative and regulatory acts in force in the Republic of Moldova, including:
1) Law on Electronic Communications, no.241-XVI of 15.11.2007;
2) Law on Regulating Entrepreneurial Activity through Licensing, no.451-XV of 30.07.2001 with the amendments thereof;
3) National Numbering Plan of the Republic of Moldova, approved by order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, no.72 of 08.04.2003 with the amendments thereof;
4) Regulations on General Authorisation Regime and License Issuance for the Use of Limited Resources in the Provision of Electronic Communications Networks and Services, approved by Administrative Board Decision no.10 of August 28, 2008;
5) Regulations on National Numbering Plan Administration and Management, approved by Administrative Board Decision no, nr.25 din 03.11.2008;
6) Regulations on Control Procedure in Electronic Communications, approved by Administrative Board Decision no 9 of August 18, 2008, Registered with the Ministry of Justice under no. 604 of September 09, 2008;
- hereby grants this license to the applicant (License Holder), thus authorising him to use telephone numbering resources in the provision of electronic communications networks and services.

2. The License Holder shall have the right to use the numbering resources assigned by the Agency for the provision of public electronic communications networks and services in the Republic of Moldova under the terms and abiding by the legislation in force and the conditions of this license.
3. The license for the use of numbering resources is not transmittable.


4. A License Holder shall:

1) Use the numbering resources provided for in the license only in the provision of public electronic communications networks and services, according to destination and in compliance with the National Numbering Plan;
2) Assign numbering resources from number blocks authorised by the license directly to subscribers, in order to provide them with electronic communications services;
3) Efficiently use the numbering resources assigned through the license;
4) Apply the principles of non-discrimination and transparency in relation to other providers of publicly available electronic communications networks and services, as far as the numbers used for access to their services are concerned;
5) Ensure a 60-day minimum of non-operation timeframe, before re-assigning a number;
6) Modify the number assigned to a subscriber exclusively in justified cases and under the terms and conditions established by the Agency;
7) Ensure the following rights to subscribers:
a) To use the assigned number, under the conditions set by the electronic communications network and service provider and by the Agency;
b) To request modification of the assigned number, in case it is often abusively or mistakenly dialled;
c) To include the number in a subscriber directory, abiding by the legal provisions in force.
8) To ensure that subscribers meet the following obligations pertaining to the use of assigned numbers:
a) Numbers must be used only in the format they have been assigned;
b) Numbers must be used only for the services for which they have been assigned;
c) Numbers must not be re-assigned.
9) To ensure the access of their subscribers to directory inquiry and customer relations services;
10) To ensure free calls to emergency services (901, 902, 903 and 904), and further to single emergency number „112” after it is nationally implemented;
11) To implement the requirements for number portability, in compliance with the regulations adopted by the Agency;
12) Not to transfer directly numbering resources to other providers, except number portability;
13) Not to route to the destination calls to numbers for which the right of use has been withdrawn or suspended;
14) To provide to the Agency, before January 31, the report on the use of the assigned numbering resources during the previous year;
15) To make due payments for the numbering resources assigned by the Agency, pursuant to the tariffs in force.


5. The Agency has the right:
1) To modify these license conditions in the following cases:
a) Modification of the National numbering Plan;
b) Necessity to comply with the obligations assumed by the Republic of Moldova as party to international agreements;
c) Necessity to ensure national security, national defence or public order;
d) Modification of the legal or regulatory framework under which the license was issued;
e) License holder’s waiver of the right to use the numbering resources provided for in the license.
2) To monitor and exercise control on the correctness of numbering resource use in terms of compliance with license conditions, legislation and regulations on numbering in force.
3) To apply sanctions to License Holders, according to the legislation in force, for non-compliance with license conditions.


6. License updates, suspension and withdrawn, as well as issuance of duplicates shall be subject to the procedures set forth in the Regulations on National Numbering Plan Administration and Management.
7. General license conditions are an integral part of licenses for the use of numbering resources and are mandatory for License Holders.

Changed: 9/02/2010