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15 November, 2018

ANRCETI published its Program for development of regulatory acts and Plan of activity for 2017

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The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), for the purpose of informing its stakeholders, published on its official website its program for development of regulatory documents and its plan of activity for 2017. These documents specify the major activities and regulatory measures that ANRCETI intends to achieve next year, the subjects and the deadlines for the development and adoption of the planned regulatory acts. The Program and the Plan of Activity were approved by Administrative Board Decision on December 29, 2016.

The draft Program was developed by ANRCETI under the legislation in force and the provisions of the Regulation on Public Consultations with Civil Society in Decision-Making Process, approved by Government Decision no. 967 of 09.08.2016, and aims to ensure the transparency of ANRCETI’s decision-making process and facilitate the participation of stakeholders in this process.

The program provides for the development of 18 regulatory acts, most of them devised to regulate the relevant electronic communications markets and to implement the Program for Switchover to Digital Television, approved by Government Decision no. 240 of 08.05.2015, with subsequent amendments.

Thus, in 2017, ANRCETI will continue the fourth round of relevant market analysis, started in 2016, in relation to six markets previously defined as susceptible to ex-ante regulation. The analysis aims to determine whether those markets are effectively competitive and revise, as appropriate, the preventive regulatory measures in terms of maintain, amending or withdrawing the obligations previously imposed on providers with significant market power.

ANRCETI also plans to develop and approve the necessary documents for spectrum auctions to issue licenses for the use of 470-694 MHz frequencies/channels in order to provide network/multiplex C of national coverage, networks/multiplexes of regional/zonal coverage and electronic communications services in the digital terrestrial television system.

According to the Program, in 2017 ANRCETI will develop and approve a new version of the Regulation on Control Activity, Administrative Board Decision on establishing the method of application and the format of the information required for the development of the digital inventory of public electronic communications networks and associated infrastructure elements, as well as a number of amendments to some regulatory acts previously approved by the regulatory authority.

Another new feature of the program is the development and approval of the decision on establishing the minimum security measures to be taken by providers in order to ensure the security and integrity of public electronic communications networks and services and reporting on incident with significant impact, an action taken under the National Cyber Security Programme of the Republic of Moldova for 2016-2020, approved by Government Decision no. 811 of 29.10.2015.

December 30, 2016

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