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15 November, 2018

ANRCETI Published Activity Report for 2016 on its Official Website

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The Administrative Board of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) consider that the ANRCETI team coped with the challenges of 2016, the main challenge being the creation of the necessary tools to implement the Law on access to properties and shared use of infrastructure associated with public electronic communications networks and the Law on postal communications, in force since April 2016. Both Laws granted new regulatory powers to the Agency. This conclusion is laid down in ANRCETI Activity Report 2016, published on its official website.

The report is divided into nine chapters describing the main activities of the Agency last year, the regulatory documents issued and their impact on the regulated sectors, as well as the priorities for 2017.

In the foreword, ANRCETI Director, Grigore Varanita, stated that, in order to exercise its new powers, ANRCETI launched two major activities simultaneously: the development and approval of the appropriate regulatory framework for the implementation of the mentioned laws and the information campaign on these laws, including the organization of seminars for local authorities to inform them about their liabilities under the Law on access to the properties. G. Varanita said that the Agency would continue the campaign in 2017.

Last year, the Agency also completed two other tasks important for the good functioning of the electronic communications sector: the drafting and approval of a set of regulatory documents required for the launch of the national single emergency service 112 and the start of the fourth round of market analysis for the markets defined as susceptible to ex-ante regulation. According to the Director, this activity will be continued in 2017, being one of ANRCETI’s major priorities for this year.

The Agenda of the Agency for 2017 includes a number of other priorities, among which is the enforcement of the regulatory acts approved in 2016 for the implementation of the Law on access to properties and shared use of infrastructure associated with electronic communications public networks and the Law on postal communications, monitoring the providers’ compliance with their obligations as established by these and other regulatory acts, as well as honoring the tasks of Chairmanship of the Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators’ Network, entrusted to ANRCETI since January 1, 2017.

Under the Law on Electronic Communications, by April 30 every year, the Agency prepares and publishes reports on activity and evolution of electronic communications market in the previous year. This paper aims to inform the public about the actions and measures taken by the Agency for the proper operation of regulated sectors, protection of consumers’ rights situation and trends on the electronic communications market.

The Agency has published Reports on its official website since 2004. They can be found in the Section ANRCETI>Reports.

March 29, 2017

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