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18 December, 2018

ANRCETI Announces Public Consultation for Draft Amendments to Two Board Decisions

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On February 14, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) launched public consultations, on its website, on draft (.pdf) amendments to ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no.79 of 17.04.2009 on regulating the provision of services through toll-free telephone numbers (Freephone) in public electronic communications networks and draft (.pdf) amendments to section 14 of Board Decision No. 11 of 07.04.2010 on regulating the access to public electronic communications services provided via access codes "1600 - 1639". The public consultation will last till March 14, 2017, which is the deadline for recommendations from stakeholders.

The first draft amendment was developed to update ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no.79 of 17.04.2009 in terms of recommendation of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) of 10.04.2014 on the principles of charging for toll-free national and international numbers (ECC Recommendation (14)03 on Charging Principles for National and International Freephone Numbers, approved April 10, 2014).

According to the Explanatory Note, the proposed amendments to Decision No. 79/2009 seek to create the regulatory framework necessary to ensure toll-free access for callers to Freephone services, including callers in roaming, but also outside the Republic of Moldova, where it is possible technically and economically. Where, in the same point of view, it is not possible to provide free access to Freephone services, the offering provider from the Republic of Moldova will be required to inform the caller before the connection to the called party, about a charge for access to Freephone, by sending a text or a voice message.

The second draft amendment project provides for the modification of section 14 of ANRCETI Administrative Board Decision no.11 of 07.04.2010 (hereinafter - Decision No 11/2010) establishing also modalities of payment for call originating services to access codes "1600-1639". In the Explanatory Note to the draft, its authors provide the causes leading to the review of Decision No.11/2010 and the advantages of the new method they propose to determine the tariff for the services of call origination by end users via access codes "1600 - 1639 ".

Interested stakeholders are invited to send comments and recommendations on consulted draft amendments by post to ANRCETI address: 134, bd. Stefan cel Mare, MD-2012, by fax: 022-222-885 or by e-mail at: Additional information about the draft documents can be obtained by calling: 022 251 320, 022 251 322.

First Draft amendments Decision versions: word:  pdf: 
Second Draft amendments Decision versions: word:  pdf: 

February 14, 2017

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