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18 July, 2018

ANRCETI and HAKOM, Croatia signed a Memorandum of Understanding

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On Tuesday, September 12, ANRCETI Deputy Director Corneliu Jaloba and President of Council of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries HAKOM, Drazen Lucic signed a Memorandum of Understanding and exchange of information in the electronic communications and postal services fields. The document was signed in Chisinau, during a working visit paid by Mr. Dragen Lucic, President of Council and Deputy President of Council, Mr. Domagoj Jurjević to ANRCETI.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed between ANRCETI and HACOM provides for the strengthening of cooperation facilitation of the exchange of information in the field of electronic communications and postal services regulation. The document identifies the objectives, areas and tools for cooperation between the parties by organizing and carrying out joint activities, including: organizing and conducting seminars, workshops, active involvement in joint projects, and conducting mutual consultations.

The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to establish the operating framework for bilateral cooperation and the exchange of experience between the two Parties in the field of regulation of electronic communications and postal services, in accordance with the powers and competences provided by the legislation in force for each of the signatory parties.

HACOM representatives expressed their openness to provide assistance, share experience and cooperate with their counterparts from Moldova, both on high level and expert level, including by TAIEX Technical Assistance Instrument, in areas regulated by both authorities, in particular, market analysis, statistical data reporting, access to properties and shared use of the infrastructure, mapping of infrastructure, etc. The purpose of both regulators is to make the assistance mutually beneficial and efficient for the improvement of the regulatory environments in the regulated areas.

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September 13, 2017 

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