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18 January, 2019


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In 2016, the voice traffic and the total revenues from mobile services, for the first time in recent years, undergo a significant decrease amid a slight increase in the number of users of these services. Aggregated statistics of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) shows that the volume of voice traffic decreased compared to 2015, by about 107,5 million minutes (-1,7%) and equaled 6 billion 208,3 million. minutes, the revenues dropped by 159 million 20,3 thousand lei (-4,4%) and totaled about 3 billion 441,9 million lei, while the number of service users increased by 105,8 thousand (+ 2,4%) up to 4 million 429,3 thousand.

ANRCETI experts explain the decline of the voice traffic and mobile revenues by the change of mobile users’ preferences in favor of alternative cheaper or free communication via Internet (Skype, Viber, etc.)

According to the data presented to ANRCETI by the three mobile providers (Orange Moldova, Moldcell and Moldtelecom (Unite), the negative trend of the total volume of voice traffic was mainly caused by the decrease of this indicator for Orange Moldova. The volume of this provider’s traffic decreased by 214,3 million minutes (-4,9%) to a total of 4,1 billion minutes. Meanwhile, the voice traffic in the networks of Moldcell and Moldtelecom increased by 100,6 million minutes (+6,1%) and, accordingly, by 6,3 million minutes (+2%), up to 1,8 billion minutes and 317,5 million minutes. This development led to the slight reduction of the average monthly traffic per user (0,5%) up to 225 minutes (three hours and 45 minutes), the average length of a call being 1,7 minutes.

The decrease of total revenues from mobile services occurred due to lower revenues for Orange Moldova and Moldcell. The revenues of Orange Moldova reduced by 129,8 million lei (-5,4%), to 2 billion 255,5 million lei, those of Moldcell - by 38,5 million (-3,6%) to 1 billion 40,4 million lei. At the same time, revenues of Moldtelecom increased by 9,3 million lei (+ 6.8%) up to 146 million 28,4 thousand lei. Consequently, the average revenue per user (ARPU) for mobile telephone services was 66.2 lei, down by 4,1%. The ARPU of Orange Moldova was 75,3 lei, of Moldcell – 57,6 lei and Moldtelecom – 36,5 lei.

The total number of mobile users slightly increased due to the expansion of the three providers’ customer base. Thus, Moldtelecom expanded its customer base by 29,6 thousand (+ 9,2%) to 350,7 thousand, Orange Moldova - by 57,8 thousand (+ 2,3%), up to 2 million 567,8 thousand, and Moldcell – 18,4 thousand (+ 1,2%), up to 1 million 510,7 thousand. At the end of 2016, from the total number of users, 3 million 788,5 thousand were active mobile users and 640,8 thousand - passive users (who have neither consumed nor paid any mobile telephone service within the last three months).

In the reporting year, the penetration rate of mobile telephony services per 100 inhabitants increased by 3 p.p. and made up 124,7%. This indicator shows that one hundred residents of Moldova purchase, on average, over 124 SIM cards from mobile providers, which means that some users have two or more cards.

Compared with 2015, the positions of the three providers on the mobile telephone market, according to turnover, slightly changed. Thus, at the end of 2016 the market share of Orange Moldova reduced by 0,7 p.p. and constituted 65,5%, whereas the market shares of companies Moldcell and Moldtelecom went up 0,3 p.p. and 0.5 p.p. accordingly and were 30,2% and 4,3%.

March 20, 2017


Information was given by: ANRCETI Service for information and communication with mass-media
Changed: 29/03/2017