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18 December, 2018

Increasing number of people requesting ANRCETI assistance

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In the first half of this year, the number of individuals and legal persons, who used the assistance of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), increased by more than 20% over the same period of last year, reaching 537, shows a Report on complaints reviewed by ANRCETI in the first semester of 2017. This increase was caused by a bigger number of requests for information of public interest, complaints, as well as requests for technical, legal and economic consultations in areas under ANRCETI competence.

ANRCETI received 178 requests for access to information, which is 42,4% increase, 123 complaints, which is 36,6% increase and 168 requests for consultations, more by 14,2%. At the same time, the number of complaints addressed to ANRCETI via the free telephone line - 080080080 decreased by 20% and equaled 68.

As for the requests for access to information by area of interest, the report shows that in most cases interested persons requested information about ANRCETI's activity, statistical data aggregated by ANRCETI, the general authorization procedure for the provision of electronic communications and postal services. In all cases, ANRCETI provided prompt responses.

Most of the complainants (86), according to the Report, addressed issues related to the functioning of electronic communications sector, a part (22) – issues on granting access to properties, and others (10) – provision of postal services.

The analysis of the complaints shows that in most cases they contained claims against the allegedly abusive clauses contained in contracts for the provision of electronic communications services and access to property (26 complaints), claims on bill amounts and debts for services, the veracity of the data included in the invoices (23 complaints), the correctness of the provision of telephone and Internet services by some providers, the breach of contractual clauses, interconnection agreements, normative acts (20 complaints). Most complaints referred to the activity of JSC "Moldtelecom" (31 complaints), JSC "Moldcell" (14 complaints), LLC "Sun Communications" (12 complaints), JSC Orange Moldova and SE "Posta Moldovei" (9 each).

The report also shows that each case reported by the complainants was investigated ex officio. All the substantiated complaints were solved in favor of consumers, while in other cases ANRCETI specialists proposed alternative solutions to solve the problems.

July 11, 2017

Information was given by: ANRCETI Service for information and communication with mass-media
Changed: 18/07/2017