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18 December, 2018

New Postal Services Market Entrants in the First Semester of 2017

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In the first half of this year, ten entrepreneurs obtained the right to provide postal services under the general authorization regime, and seven – the right to provide public electronic communications networks and services. On June 30, 2017, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) had a total of 38 entities registered in the Public Register of Postal Service Providers and 547 entities registered in the Public Register of Electronic Communications Network and Service Providers.

Most of the postal market entrants chose to deliver simple postal items (mail, printed correspondence, small packages), domestic and international postal parcels, express mail, etc. As per 30.06.2017, all 38 entities registered in the Public Register of Postal Service Providers had the right to provide services outside the scope of the universal postal service, and 25 – the right to provide services both within the scope of the universal postal service and beyond.

According to the data available with ANRCETI, most of the new electronic communications market entrants in the first half of 2017 chose to operate public voice and data networks, others chose to provide Internet access services and audiovisual program retransmission services. From the total of 547 entities registered in the Public Register of electronic communications network and service providers, 400 – have the right to provide both electronic communications networks and services, 80 – only networks and 67 – only services.

ANRCETI has applied the general authorization regime for electronic communications activities since 2008 and for activities in the field of postal services – since October 2016. The general authorization is valid without any time limitation. All procedures related to the general authorization regime, including the registration in the Public Register of Providers, are free of charge.

July 7, 2017

Information was given by: ANRCETI Service for information and communication with mass-media
Changed: 18/07/2017