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18 December, 2018

Portability service used by 151 thousand telephone users

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In three and a half years since the launch of number portability (July 2013) – a service that allows any mobile or fixed user to keep their phone number when switching the service provider - about 151 thousand people used this service, according to the data of the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and information Technology (ANRCETI) about the evolution of this service during the mentioned timeframe.  

Since the launch of telephone number portability in July 2013, there has been a constantly increasing interest for this service. In six months of 2013, 28,4 thousand telephone numbers were ported, in 2014 – more than 37,6 thousand, in 2015 – 44,8 thousand and in 2016 – over 36,9 thousand.

Statistical data show that in all these years, mobile users showed greatest interest in this service. Their number exceeded 138 thousand, which makes 91% of the total number of portability service users. The number of fixed subscribers who used this service was 12,8 thousand or 9% of the total number of portability service users. The same trend persisted in 2016. Over 33,5 thousand from the total ported numbers last year were mobile numbers (91%) and 3,4 thousand – fixed numbers (9%).

From the total of 138 thousand mobile numbers ported in the timeframe 2013 – 2016, the highest number – about 82,9 thousand – were received by the network of JSC „Moldcell”. The network of JSC „Orange Moldova” received 31,4 thousand numbers, while the network of JSC „Moldtelecom” (Unite) – about 23,8 thousand. In this timeframe, the 12,8 thousand fixed numbers were ported to the networks of 24 providers. Most numbers were ported to the fixed networks of LLC ”Starnet Solutions” (over 6 thousand) and JSC „Orange Moldova” (3,1 thousand).

ANRCETI considers that the number portability service has become an effective tool for ensuring the freedom of choice for users and enhancing the competition on the telephone market. Following the launch of this service, providers have more attractive and more advantageous offers for users, are more responsive to their requirements and provide various bonuses, either to maintain their users within the network or to attract users from other networks.

According to the regulations issued by ANRCETI, any telephone user can have his number ported within 5 working days after submitting an application to the provider he chose to switch to. Unlike in a number of other countries, in Moldova this service is free of charge.

Additional information about the number portability service is available on

January 2, 2017

Information was given by: ANRCETI Service for information and communication with mass-media
Changed: 10/01/2017