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24 October, 2017

Licensing Information Technology Activities

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In compliance with the provisions of the Law no.451-XV of 30.07.2001 referring to the regulation of entrepreneurial activity by licensing, with the amendments introduced by Law no.176 of 15.07.2010, ANRCETI issues, as of November 10th, licenses for a type of information technology activity: for services of creation, implementation and ensuring the operation of automated information systems of state importance, including software.

In order to obtain a license, the applicant is required to fill in a form and file to ANRCETI a declaration/request according to the pre-established form (in state language), available at the Agency office or downloadable from the web page.

The ANRCETI Administrative Board adopts the license issuance Decision within 10 days from the date the request/application was filed in. The license is delivered to the applicant within 3 working days, from the date the applicant submits a confirmation document of the license fee having been paid. The amount of the license fee, as established by law, is 3250 lei, being integrally transferred to the state budget. For the license applicants registered a maximum of one year before the date of submitting the license declaration/request, the license issuance fee is 50 percent of the prescribed fee.

Together with the license the applicants receives license conditions, approved by ANRCETI Administrative Board decision no.33 of 04.11.2010.

ANRCETI has the right to cancel the license issuance decision, where the applicant fails to submit a document confirming payment of license fee within 30 days after he has been notified about the license issuance decision being taken.

The validity term of this license is 5 years and can be extended for the same timeframe, under the legislation in force.

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