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25 June, 2018

ANRCETI Launches Public Consultations for Regulatory Impact Assessment of Three Draft Decisions on Implementation of Single 112 Emergency Number

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The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) launched public consultations on the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on three draft Administrative Board Decisions: The technical, legal and organizational/economic conditions (.pdf) with reference to the implementation of electronic communications to / from 112 Service, the technical conditions for the transmission of the information on primary location (.pdf) for calls to the single emergency number 112, Procedures and technical limitations (.pdf) to reduce abusive calls, false alerts and involuntary calls to the 112 service, as well as the mentioned draft documents, prepared by ANRCETI jointly with providers and 112 service. The consultation will last through September 28, which is the deadline for submitting recommendations on the mentioned documents.

The RIA contains the reasoning behind the need to prepare and approve the three regulatory documents in terms of their impact on stakeholders. The authors notes that the issuance of the proposed regulations is aimed at increasing the safety and protection of the population, by ensuring access to emergency services in accordance with EU regulations and standards. These documents are intended to determine the basic directions and actions for the creation and operation of 112 service in Moldova and to ensure coherent planning of activities by the parties involved in this process: providers, 122 service and ANRCETI.

The Explanatory Note to the three draft decisions describe the background conditions for their adoption, their main provisions, the economic-financial reasoning and the degree of their consistency with Community law. The authors note that the implementation of the project does not require significant financial costs from providers of public telephone networks and the population, neither from the state budget.

The technical, legal and economic/organizational conditions for the implementation of electronic communications to/from 112 provide for the manner of organization of the communication, through phone calls, between users of public electronic communications services and 112 service.

The technical conditions for the transmission of the information on primary location provide for the way this process is organized, the manner in which the 112 service has access to databases with information about cells and sectors cell within mobile networks and the databases containing phone numbers associated with the addresses of the fixed network points of telephone service provision, as well as for the organization of access of the 112 service to subscriber databases and their referral to 112 service.

The purpose of the procedures and technical limits aimed at reducing abusive calls, false alerts and involuntary calls to the 112 service is to deter abusive calls, false alerts of specialized intervention services by the implementation of special technical measures against such actions. The document provides for technical preventive measures to reduce all abusive calls to 112 by sending voice messages, SMS warning messages - measures to be taken depending on the number of unsolicited calls per day.

Stakeholders are invited to provide comments and recommendations on the documents proposed for public consultations, in written form, to ANRCETI address: 134 Stefan cel Mare bd., MD-2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, by fax: 022-222-885 and/or e-mail: Contact phone numbers: 022-251-320, 022-251-312.

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September 14, 2016

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Changed: 22/09/2016