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15 November, 2018

Slight Decrease of Total Revenues in the Electronic Communications Sector in Third Quarter of 2016

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In the timeframe July - September 2016, the total revenue from electronic communications services (mobile telephony, mobile broadband, fixed telephony, fixed Internet, broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs, other electronic communications activities) decreased, compared to the third quarter of 2015, by 3,5% and were estimated at 1 billion 722,1 million lei. In nine months, this indicator decreased compared with the same period of 2015 by over 3% and was estimated at 5 billion 47,2 million lei. These data are provided in the Report on the evolution of the electronic communications market in the third quarter of 2016, published on the website of the National Regulatory Agency for electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI).

The decline was driven by lower revenues on three market segments: fixed telephony, broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs, other electronic communications activities. The revenues decreased as follows: the fixed telephony market – by 20%, estimated at 205,7 million lei, broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs – by 18,5%, estimated at 68,5 million lei and other electronic communications activities – by 31,3%, estimated at 89 million lei.

Meanwhile, the other three market segments – mobile telephony, mobile broadband and fixed Internet increased in terms of revenues. Thus, mobile broadband increased compared to the third quarter of 2015 by 23,5% and was estimated at 189 million lei, the fixed Internet services – by 7,7% and amounted 282,4 million lei, while the revenues from mobile services increased by 2,1% and totaled 991,4 million lei.

The most significant monthly revenues per user (ARPU) were attested on the fixed and mobile Internet markets: 172,6 lei, accordingly 88,4 lei. In other market segments, this indicator has the following values: fixed telephony – 58 lei, pay TV (cable and IP TV) – 46,9 lei, mobile broadband – 22,8 lei. 

ANRCETI has made and published quarterly reports on the evolution of the main electronic communications market indicators since 2012. The reports are prepared based on the statistical data submitted to ANRCETI by electronic communications providers.

December 9, 2016

Information was given by: ANRCETI Service for information and communication with mass-media
Changed: 21/12/2016