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23 October, 2017

Licensing Information Technology Activities

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The license conditions for services of creation, implementation and ensuring the operation of automated information systems of state importance, including software were approved by ANRCETI Administrative board decision no.33 of 04.11.2010. They prescribe the conditions and obligations, the rights and responsibilities of a license holder.

According to the document, it is the license holder’s obligation to notify ANRCETI about all the modifications of the information attached to the license issuance declaration. The notification is submitted to ANRCETI either personally, or via registered mail or e-mail (as an electronic document digitally signed), within 10 days from the date the modifications are applied, along with the documents (or copies thereof) to confirm the modifications.

Where the license holder intends to stop activity, he must notify the Agency and users, at least 30 days before the due date. This notification becomes effective 30 days after ANRCETI and users have been notified about the upcoming interruption of activity.

Licenses are updated, extended, temporary suspended, withdrawn, resumed, and duplicated by ANRCETI based on an application/declaration submitted by the license holder, as the case may be, at ANRCETI’s initiative, under the terms and conditions prescribed in the Law no.451-XV of 30.07.2001.

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